d'une créatrice


Managed for several generations by the same family, embroidery workshops, a short distance from Delhi, today bring together some fifty craftsmen. Few of them are qualified to provide the precision necessary for the brand's creations, so production times cannot be reduced.

 The workshops consist of tiny houses with thick walls to block the heat, one of which is equipped with a giant fan to ensure the comfort of the craftsmen. Being still in the district of Delhi, they also benefit from a law which requires the entrepreneur to pay them twice as much as in the more peripheral area, which ensures them a decent standard of living.

 In Tunisia, the manager is a former craftsman who has been able to rise in rank and develop the company as well as the entire district. Former difficult area in the suburbs of Tunis, the one has charming mazes of small houses where the different stages of production are dispatched. We work there, we meet there, we get married there… As for the leathers in our collections, they now come from the surplus stocks of the big houses. Our compositions are thus mainly designed according to existing choices, no waste and good quality materials at reasonable prices.